European Academy for insulin potentiation therapy (IPT/IPTLD) (in German: Europäischer Fachverband für Insulin-Potenzierte Therapie)

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The insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), also called Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD®), is a precise and well-founded type of therapy that can be applied as a gentle alternative to conventional chemotherapies in case of cancer diseases and borrelioses, rheumatic forms as well as viral and chronic diseases.

The European Academy for insulin potentiation therapy (IPT/IPTLD) (in German: Europäischer Fachverband für Insulin-Potenzierte Therapie) is a union of physicians in Europe who apply the original Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD®), who were educated and certified by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III, and who attend his further education at regular intervals. The information on this website is primarily for patients.

IPT stands for "insulin potentiation therapy" and means that insulin enforces the effect of medicine: in other words, insulin "potentiates" (to potentiate: increase, multiply) the effect of medicine.

Recently, the IPT has become famous for its application in case of cancer. In the area What is the IPT?, the effect mechanism is explained thoroughly. In first place, insulin opens the cells, with the result that active substances can get into the cells much easier. For this reason, lower doses of medicine are needed. In case of cancer, primarily chemotherapeutic substances are used, those which work best for the type of cancer in question or result from a chemo sensitivity test. Due to lower doses, there are fewer side effects, such as hair loss or vomit (please have a look at the area The studies).

However, this type of treatment can also be combined with medicine. For example, bacteria tend to hide in cells in case of chronic diseases, with the result that a normal therapy with antibiotics does not work properly. In cases where a bacterial infection does not heal, this method can be helpful: it opens the cells so that the antibiotics can reach the hiding bacteria, for example the borrelia that are transmitted by tick bites. Also chronic viral diseases where the viruses hide in the cells can be treated by a physician with an IPT education.

The IPT can be applied in case of certain diseases that are usually treated with medicine and have many side effects with much lower doses and fewer side effects. Please read the area Fields of application of the IPT.

A short history of the IPT that throws light on the background and the history of the origins of this method can be found in the area History of the IPT.

There are physicians without a proper IPT education; we recommend treatments only by certified physicians. The areas „Users in Europe“ and „Users globally“ list physicians with a proper education. Also in future, our recommendation will only include physicians with a proper education and certification.

Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin,
President European Academy for insulin potentiation therapy (IPT/IPTLD)

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The IPT derives from alternative medicine, all statements are not scientific - although they are based on scientific studies (see „Studies on the IPT“). The scientific explanations are meant to explain the mechanisms which are based on many years of experience.

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